Vancouver Rat Removal

Rats are sneaky. Rats are dirty. These rodents are a common issue all across Canada, and one that requires a constant battle between rodents and property owners. Once rats find their way inside, it can be nearly impossible to ditch these pests. Every day that rats are allowed to run freely around your property, they are contaminating the surrounding environment and causing damage to your home. A proper Vancouver rat removal can help you avoid noticeable damage, health scares or even electrical fires.

A Close Up View of Rats

Globally, rats come in many shapes and sizes. In Canada, however, we really only have to worry about two: the roof mouse and the deer mouse. In port cities, such as Vancouver, rats are a dime a dozen. Having an accessible water source makes life a lot easier for rats in your area. The only thing that makes rats happier than access to food and water is having that access under a roof and in a warm environment. The inside of your home is like a 5-star hotel for rodents in your area but these are not pleasant guests. Rats will run around, contaminating every inch of your property. Cleaning up after rats seems like an obvious choice for property owners. You can’t live around saliva, urine and droppings but removing them can be dangerous as well. When these materials are disturbed, they release airborne bacteria which can lead to respiratory illness. This goes along with the intestinal illness that comes from sharing food sources and prep areas with rats. Don’t take the chance of making yourself sick when a Vancouver rat removal can keep your home safe and clean.

Vancouver Rat Removal: The Downside of DIY

When you are ready to get rid of rats, there is no better solution than to call in the professionals. Rat infestations are so common in the Vancouver area, that pest treatments are a dime a dozen at hardware and department stores. The problem with traps and poisons is that they are messy more than anything. Setting these things up is easy but dealing with the aftermath is not. When you want a safe, effective and easy (for you!) Vancouver rat removal, trust the professionals to get the job done right.

Don’t let unwanted rodents scurry around your property when there is always a Toodaloo technician waiting to help.

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