Vaughan Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

These sometimes-crawling sometimes-flying pests are a nightmare for home owners and businesses everywhere. Carpenter ants are little better than termites, as they will do a number on the wooden structures inside a building. Whether it is furniture, walls, roofs, or other areas, these ants will nibble their way through and weaken the solidity and sturdiness of the wood. Toodaloo offers Vaughan carpenter ant control and removal so you can finally get the help, and relief, you deserve.

While carpenter ants do not, in fact, eat wood – like termites do – they do chew it up. One sign of their presence in the home or workplace is small piles of a sawdust-like material that they leave behind. They make tunnels, also known as galleries, in the wood. These work to protect their colonies from the elements and from would-be predators.

Although they prefer warm weather, and come out to play more during the height of summer, you can find them hiding out inside properties year-round. And they are no less of a problem during the other seasons. Temperature may actually be a reason these ants choose to seek shelter inside your building. That, or available sources of food. Whatever the reason may be, getting the ants out is the number one priority.

Vaughan Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: Toodaloo is the Best Option for You

To properly dispose of a carpenter ant population, one needs to attack the root of the infestation – the parent nest – as well as all others, which are known as satellite nests. To find all of them without making multiple holes in your walls, our technicians use thermal imaging devices, in addition to injection rods and other tools which make the entire process a breeze.

If you are sick of dealing with having ants everywhere, call Toodaloo. You can reach us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250), or you can set up your appointment with us on our website.

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