Vaughan Flea Control & Removal

By far one of the most irritating pests to deal with, fleas also hurt! And itch. And let’s not forget about the diseases they can bring. For Vaughan flea control and removal, contact Toodaloo. We know what to do.

Those fleas that are visible to the naked eye look like little more than black dots. Upon closer inspection, though, and you will find that they are a dark reddish-brown, with big bodies that enlarge even further once they have fed. One proven method of checking if your pets have fleas, for instance, is if you look for ‘flea dirt’. This is flea excrement, something which composes mostly of dried blood! It can be described as looking like black pepper or dark sand or dirt, but if wiped at it should come away as the red-brown colour of blood.

Our pets don’t deserve to have fleas, and neither do we. Fleas are responsible for spreading various viruses and diseases, to humans as well as other animals. This should be avoided at all cost to avoid these at times very serious health risks. Flea removal is simple enough if you have the right equipment and know all the tricks these bugs might try to pull on you. That’s why the simplest and most effective way is to call Toodaloo.

Vaughan Flea Control & Removal: How Toodaloo Can Help

Our technicians know how serious a flea infestation can be, as well as hard it can be to deal with one. We also know how to thoroughly and effectively treat the problem and keep it from coming back. Home-made solutions can be somewhat effective, but only to a point. With flea infestations, some fleas or their eggs may escape notice, and the infestation will simply come back after a short time.

If you want to get rid of those fleas and be done with them forever, give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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