Winnipeg Cockroach Control & Removal

There is a very negative stigma surrounding cockroaches throughout Canada. This is no different in Manitoba. Luckily, Toodaloo pest and wildlife services can help with your Winnipeg cockroach control and removal.

Cockroaches have always been associated with messy places and less than livable conditions. However, as many Winnipeggers know, that is not always correct. The city was once known for having the lowest cost of living in Canada, making it a great place to own property. This has been a draw for Canadian residents as well as those from all over the world. With this appeal, it did not take long for the need for housing to sky-rocket and this meant not only more single-dwelling homes but more strata properties as well.

Winnipeg Cockroach Control & Removal: Anywhere, Any Time

Strata housing is an excellent option for its owners, and for cockroaches as well. Travelling between attached units is a breeze for cockroaches, making it easy to maintain their populations, having the breathing room they need to breath and live and finding new food and water sources.

Access to food is vital for all species, cockroaches find it less of a necessity than a luxury. These pests can eat nearly anything. Crumbs and other scraps of human food are a welcome attraction for these pests. They have been known to survive on the smallest of organic materials, including hair follicles, nails and the bodies of other insects.

Tracing the habits of cockroaches is part of our extensive training process. To defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy. Our Toodaloo technicians are ready to bring a TKO to your cockroach problem.

Call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians. There are no questions that we can’t answer regarding your Winnipeg cockroach removal.

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