Winnipeg Flea Control & Removal

Due to the extreme nature of Winnipeg weather, fleas are not as common in this prairie city. This rarity makes these insects particularly dangerous when they are found. That is why you should be having Toodaloo perform your Winnipeg flea control and removal.

Fleas cannot survive through the hot summers in Winnipeg, nor can they live through the frigid winters. This makes them unexpected house guests when they do find their way into homes. Fleas can enter your space by clinging onto your clothing but they much prefer to catch a ride on pets and other fur-coated animals.

Because they are not a common pest in the city and surrounding area, they often go long periods without being properly identified. During this time, the number of fleas in your home can go from single digits into the hundreds.

Winnipeg Flea Control & Removal: Hitchhikers No More

Fleas can attack themselves to clothing but are mostly attracted to animals, hiding out in their fur. Female fleas attack themselves to animals, laying eggs loosely in the fur and hitching rides inside homes or businesses. When the eggs fall off, they hatch inside furniture, carpets and other textiles or along baseboards. Anywhere they aren’t disturbed is acceptable. Once these hatch, it is game on for the newborn fleas, finding their meals in the nearest warm blooded creature. As fleas suck the blood from their host, they leave bumps and a very itchy surface area.

Fleas may be a rare occurrence throughout Winnipeg but when they are found, professional help is the only way to truly get rid of them. There are no quick fixes for proper flea removal, requiring instead a multi-step system of cleaning solutions and vacuuming to order to remove not only the surface pests but their concealed eggs as wel.

There may be no quick fixes for your Winnipeg flea removal but there is an easy one! Calling Toodaloo pest control gets the job done right, the first time!

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