Winnipeg Mouse Control & Removal

They may be cute in theory but having mice inside your home or business is no picnic. Our Toodaloo technicians perform our Winnipeg mouse control and removal quickly and effectively, getting the mouse out of your house.

Mice have a number of reasons for wanting to get inside at any time of year. Although they are able to live outdoors in mild to hot temperatures. Mice are experts at creating burrows to protect them from predators and raise their babies safely. It is a lovely living situation for these rodents but it is temporary. As weather changes, these burrows are not sufficiently warm to house mice and their regular food sources become covered or inaccessible. Far from popping in to borrow a cup of sugar, these nosy neighbours refuse to leave once they’ve found their way inside.

Winnipeg Mouse Control & Removal: Protecting Your Home & Health

A host of problems arise when mice find their way into your homes or businesses. There are, of course, the obvious annoyances, such as scratching sounds at all hours of the night, theft of food from kitchens and pantries, and the residual bathroom habits of the untrained animal but more than that is the threat of health and property damage that comes along with them.

Mice are survivalists – some of nature’s best – and they know what it takes to keep large populations alive. Should they run out of water, mice have the ability to chew through water pipes in order to find a new source. They can also chew up insulation, using it to make their nests. The costs associated with fixing mouse-induced damage can become staggering rather quickly. In addition to destroying your home and costing you money, mice can cost you a lot more when it comes down to your health.

If mice have invaded your space, call Toodaloo for your Winnipeg mouse removal.

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