Winnipeg Pavement Ant Control & Removal

In much the same way that Winnipeggers run for cover from the extreme temperatures of the city, pavement ants have the same idea! In addition to performing our Winnipeg pavement ant control and removal on homes, we tackle commercial space as well.

The city is filled with incredible monuments, like the Museum of Human Rights, the Legislature building, the Manitoba Museum and countless others. Could you imagine the impact that it would have on visitors if they were faced with rows of tiny ants scurrying across the exhibits?

Winnipeg Pavement Ant Control & Removal: Clearing Out Homes & Businesses

Pavements ants can make their homes anywhere throughout such an urban and populated city. Whether it is around sidewalks and walkways and the most worrisome, in the foundations of buildings. Being so small allows ants to move around your home or business, unseen. This makes your property an ideal living space for them.

Hunkering down near a kitchen or pantry provides all the food that these pests need. After all, ants need energy while building their satellite colonies behind walls. Once they are in, it is very difficult to get them out. There are ways to keep these pests at bay, like removing crumbs and open food sources from your living space but this will do nothing to eliminate the infestation as a whole. Getting rid of the surface layer does little to stop the spreading population. Think of pavement ants like a hydra, when you take off one of its heads, three more take its place.

Your Winnipeg pavement ant removal may seem like an uphill battle but changing your strategy can yield great results. By partnering with Toodaloo, you are opening the door to your best possible result for yourself and your home. Call today and let’s partner up for your Winnipeg pavement ant removal.

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