Winnipeg Pigeon Control & Removal

The persistence of pigeons throughout Winnipeg is surprising for some residents. While other birds turn tail and run, pigeons stick around. These birds are resilient and stubborn but our Toodaloo technicians are here to help with your complete Winnipeg pigeon control and removal.

Most birds are not built to withstand the frigid temperatures that plague the prairies for half the year. Pigeons have an undercoat that fluffs up and traps heat. This allows them to maintain a regular body temperature throughout colder periods. It is essentially insulation that they carry around with them – wouldn’t that be great for us, too?

Winnipeg Pigeon Control & Removal: Tackling Urban Pests

Other birds choose to leave colder regions, not only for the drop in temperature but the lack of food sources as well. Birds that are more likely to eat natural diets, feeding off bushes which can supply berries or surviving off grains. As plants die off in the cold or become covered during snowfall, food becomes scarce and populations are forced to move on to survive. Pigeons are unique in this regard, as they have become reliant on humans for survival. Thanks to the generosity of their two-legged counterparts, their food is never in short supply.

During their time inside the city, pigeons roam about, coating homes and landmarks with their corrosive droppings. Over time this material can wear down on paint finishes, in addition to staining the sides of buildings, vehicles and patios.

Our Winnipeg pigeon removal is not only effective, but safe and humane as well. Call today, we are more than happy to discuss our methods and book an appointment with our knowledgable staff.

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