Winnipeg Rat Control & Removal

Unlike most people, rats do not have a preference for where they live. Instead, they pick the neighbourhood closest to them and take over homes and businesses as they please. Our Winnipeg rat control and removal services extend throughout the city, covering anywhere and everywhere that residents need us.

Rats get cozy very easily, not asking for much in terms of amenities from their hosts. Although they may be low-maintenance pests, they bring high-maintenance property issues. Homes and businesses in Winnipeg are thoroughly insulated, making it difficult for some pests to break in. These layered barriers, however, cannot not stop rats. Rats can chew through wood, insulation, brick. concrete, and even steel. Breaking into homes is not their first choice however, leading them to examine all of their options. Some rats have learned to climb very well, using wiring, to scale buildings and enter through the roofs rather than through sturdy materials.

Winnipeg Rat Control & Removal: Pest Removal From The Ground Up

Rats build their nests in out of reach and in areas that are not often traveled. By the time the presence of rats becomes noticeable, you are guaranteed to have more than one, hiding behind the scenes. As much as these rodents prefer their own space, their favorite room is the kitchen. Rats can survive off small amounts of food on their own, but when they are in large numbers, kitchens and pantries are some of the only places with enough supplies to feed all of these hungry mouths.

Our Toodaloo technicians perform your Winnipeg rat removal knowing the ins and outs of rat populations: where they make their nests, where they hide and most importantly, how they are getting in.

The only real way to solve your rat problem is to eliminate their entry point. Houses are difficult enough to track all the cracks and potential openings while commercial properties are even more difficult.

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