Winnipeg Silverfish Control & Removal

The presence of silverfish can often go unnoticed over long periods of time. Why might that be? Stay tuned and we will fill you in on everything you need to know about your Winnipeg silverfish control and removal.

Silverfish are given their name due to their silvery-blue colour. This colour palette combined with being nocturnal makes these pests very difficult to see. If you are wondering where these insects scurry to when the lights come on, the answer is easy. Low traffic, high humidity areas of the home . Certain parts of Canada don’t experience silverfish at the same rate that Winnipeg does. This is simply due to the climate being perfect for them to thrive inside the (204) area.

On average, the humidity of afternoons falls well below the preferred number for silverfish to live in. As the sun sets, however, this all changes. Between nightfall and early morning, humidity levels in Winnipeg skyrocket, moving from an average of 61 to 86!

Winnipeg Silverfish Control & Removal: Elimination & Prevention

Although humidity may not seem obvious to residents of the household it takes over dark spaces, like closets, cupboards, basements and attics. When you consider that silverfish range from 13-25 centimetres in length, that is a lot of living space. It is within this space that the silverfish lay their eggs, in all the knocks and crannies available to them. In homes built in Winnipeg, extra materials are in large supply, making up the weatherproof quality of properties and these areas make excellent hiding holes for these small insects.

Our Toodaloo technicians are ready to combat the perfect storm of hiding places and humidity that make up most properties in the Winnipeg area. Environmentally friendly solutions, friendly, local service and the best possible results : These are the qualities you can expect when enlisting Toodaloo for your Winnipeg silverfish removal.

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