Winnipeg Wasp Control & Removal

Wasps are the arch-nemesis of picnics, barbecues and all around summertime fun. However, our Toodaloo technicians want to put the sunshine back into your outdoor outings with our Winnipeg wasp control and removal.

Wasps are most active throughout summer months. They invade outdoor spaces and even come inside when the opportunity presents itself. Although summer is the main wasp-spotting season, mild conditions can extend this, making them a larger problem for a longer period. During spring months, wasps are preoccupied creating their nests, pollinating plants and finding food sources. Although they may seem scarce, this is merely the calm before the storm.

Winnipeg Wasp Control & Removal: Changing Climate, Changing Patterns

Over the past several years the springs have been warmer and the fall season has been lasting longer than usual.

Wasps create their nests with the security features available to them. No, they do not have alarm systems or motion detectors but they do have certain advantages over humans. Building high is a big one, creating their nests in difficult to reach places such as roof peaks, under gutters and even in trees surrounding the properties. Whenever a nest is involved, it is best to call in a professional. Bee and wasps allergies are some of the most common throughout Canada, making this removal process even more dangerous for residents. Much like other insects, animals, as well as humans in general, wasps become very volatile when threatened.

By outsourcing your wasp issue to our Toodaloo technicians, you eliminate the threat to your personal safety.

Our Toodaloo techs are locked and loaded with all the best safety features and training around!  Toodall features only the best, in order to take the sting out of your infestation. Booking an appointment for your Winnipeg wasp removal has never been easier, with online options as well as by-phone

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