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The province of Manitoba is full of small cities and towns but Steinbach is one of the most recognizable. Far from the urban centre of Winnipeg, Steinbach is steeped in tradition and small-town charm. There is a friendly aura around the town that attracts visitors all year round. The problem? Humans are not the only visitors coming in. Insects and rodents are in large supply across Canada and new pests find their way into Steinbach properties everyday. Luckily, Toodaloo is here to save the day with our Steinbach pest control services.

When it comes to pests around your home or workspace, there are really three ways to categorize them: There are destructive pests, contaminating pests, and biting pests. No matter which of these you are dealing with, Toodaloo can help!

Destructive Pests: The word destructive might make you think of something large – like a wrecking ball! – but in the pest control industry, size doesn’t matter! Rats and mice come into Steinbach properties and begin not only running through your food supplies but wrecking your space as well. These rodents tear up building materials in order to build nests and pathways and can even chew through pipes. Pigeons might look great in the air, but having them on your property is a problem. At the other end of the size scale are termites, silverfish and carpenter ants. These pests eat and chew through wood and cellulose-based materials.

Contaminating Pests: Pests such as cockroaches, pavement ants and spiders can carry bacteria around your property. This bacteria can lead to infections or contaminated food sources. This is all around bad news.

Biting Pests: This group of pests is not limited to those insects that bite but those that sting as well! Having wasps around your property can be uncomfortable and sometimes – even lethal! Wasp stings might be painful but bed bugs and fleas are no better!

Whether they sting, wreck or just take up space, pests do not belong inside! Toodaloo pest control has spent decades bringing great results to our clients. Call today and let is show you just how good your Steinbach pest control can be.

Our Steinbach Services :

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