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thunder bay pest controlNo matter where you are in the world, owning a property is hard work. Purchasing a property can be the biggest investment of your life, so why let pests ruin it for you? When you begin to see traces of pests around your space, call Toodaloo. Our Thunder Bay Pest Control is always available to help you out!

Results At Every Level

There is never a bad time to call Toodaloo for your local pest exterminator, but sooner is always better. Pests creep in silently and go long periods without being noticed. As soon as you get wind of pests, grab that phone! Our experienced technicians can treat your property at every level, whether it is your basement, ground floor, or attic. There is no where that our Toodaloo technicians cannot go.

Pests have earned a bad name and having them inside your property can give off a negative impression, and why wouldn’t they? Spiders, cockroaches, and silverfish make themselves at home inside yours, causing destruction and bacteria behind them. If you think our Toodaloo technicians are too large to manoeuvre around your basements, attics or crawlspaces, think again! Whether pests are behind your walls, like termites, pavement or carpenter ants or creeping around attics like rats, mice or wasps, our technicians can reach and evict them.

thunder bay pest control

All The Right Tools For The Job

Each and every pest has its own weak spot and needs to be treated accordingly. That is why our technicians are carry all the right equipment to handle even the trickiest of pests. When the sneakiest of pests creep into your home or business and begin making meal out of yourself or your guests, you can bet our technicians have ways of getting rid of them. Bed bugs and fleas are known to be some of the hardest infestations to tackle but calling our Toodaloo technicians quickly can make all the difference.

The Toodaloo tool belt holds on a lot more than the average pest removal arsenal. Our Toodaloo technicians work with thermal imaging tools, thermal injection rods, both chemical and non-chemical deterrents and specialty tools for those unusual cases. Pigeon removal, for example, requires more creativity than it does average solutions. Non-lethal approaches to your pigeon removal are always available with Toodaloo.

No matter the pest, call today to book an appointment for your Thunder Bay pest management service.

Our Thunder Bay Services :

cockroaches, silverfish, Mice, rats, pigeons, fleas, carpenter ants, bed bugs, pavement ants, spiders, termites, wasps,

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