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The city of Toronto sees its fair share of comings and goings. Millions of visitors pass through each year, soaking up to the culture and attractions that the area has to offer. This is great for the hospitality industry but not so great for managing a growing pest population. Pests travel by hitchhiking and tourists are their greatest vehicles. If pests have invaded your home or business, call Toodaloo for your Toronto pest control.

As much as we might try to avoid it, hitching a ride on a human host is the preferred mode of travel for many insects. Bed bugs and fleas are the most notable stow-aways around! These pests can be extremely hard to get rid of and they leave behind bites and blood stains!

From the microscopic, to the hard to miss, Toodaloo can handle it all! Rats, mice, and pigeons are easy to spot but difficult to manage. These larger rodents can cause severe damage to your property and leave behind unsightly messes. Our experienced Toodaloo technicians not only remove the infestation, but take preventive measures against a repeat performance!

What do spiders, silverfish, ants and wasps all have in common? None of these pests understand personal space! These pests will take over your home or property without a second thought, causing damage to your space – or to you!

When it comes to controlling the pest population in your space, look no further than Toodaloo for your Toronto pest control.

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