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Winnipeg is a land of extremes, extreme heat, extreme cold and extreme irritation from pests! Instead of putting up with insects, call Toodaloo! Expert Toodaloo technicians are ready to tackle your Winnipeg pest control service.

When weather gets colder, the lifestyles of animals in the city and surrounding areas, go into survival mode. What better place is there for rats or mice than to move into homes or businesses?  There is heat, shelter, food and water. What more could they need?

Pigeons have the same idea, refusing to migrate south for the winter months and choosing instead to make their homes in the proximity of humans. Perches can be made along high arches, roofs, and even attics. They stain surface areas with corrosive droppings and can make a real racket with their constant cooing and movements.

Winnipeg Pest Control: Year-Round Care

As seasons change, the inside of buildings, whether they be commercial or residential can become a hotbed of activity, that we cant even see. Behind the surface of walls, properties live and breath with the scurrying of thousands of small legs and thoraxes. Cockroaches and silverfish emerge only at night, scared of being seen by their unwilling hosts. Spiders sneak out of cracks in the walls and bed bugs climb out of mattresses and furniture, looking for their next meal.

As creepy and crawly as these insects might seem, they are simple nuisances compared to those pests that are eating away at the foundations of your home. Termites hollow out the sound wood, chewing away and leaving nothing but sawdust behind. It might seem like a unique modus operandi, but carpenter ants run in the same vein, damaging the wooden foundations of property.

Whether you are dealing with silent intruders or destructive pests, Toodaloo can help. Taking back your commercial or residential properties, has never been easier. Don’t hesitate to call in our Winnipeg pest control services.

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