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March 26, 2020

Chilliwack Pest Control


Chilliwack Pest Control

Our Toodaloo technicians are pest control experts, local to your area, that want to help you keep pests and wildlife, outside. There is no telling where some of these pests come from but the one thing that is certain, is that pest removal is necessary.

Chilliwack Pest Control


Identify The Pest

Lets make sure we know what we’re dealing with!


We will meet with you to help prepare everything for treatment day!


Treatment day! Program put into Action!


Follow up to ensure we are all clear!

Chilliwack Pest Control

When thinking about pest control professionals, the image of bland jumpsuits and chemical sprays will often come to mind. This might be a basic stereotype but it is not how Toodaloo works! Our pest control experts swing into action, removing pests with top-notch techniques and can do so while being discreet or decked out in fun uniforms and mobile work stations. Whether your pests bite, scratch or simply cramp your space – just call Toodaloo for experienced pest management services.

Taking Your infestation Seriously

Some infestations might be classified as less dangerous than others, but that does not mean that common pests should be left on the back burner. So, what makes a common pest, anyway? Sure, everyone knows the pain of having a spider sneak up on you in the shower but other household pests create much larger problems. Bed bugs, for example, are one of the most popular call-outs that our Toodaloo technicians are faced with. Because they don’t transmit disease, bed bugs are classified as a nuisance and owners are left to find privatized services. Just because they are not life threatening does not mean that you should be stuck sharing your space!

When Toodaloo is your first call for pest removal services, you can rest assured knowing that our technicians take infestations seriously. Whether they are nocturnal in nature, like silverfish or cockroaches, or always hard at work like carpenter and pavement ants – every pest is treated equally. Seeing a rogue pest here or there might not seem like a big deal, but for every insect that you spot, there are ten more behind the scenes. Calling in reliable pest control services at the first sign of a bug, bird or rodent can prevent a full-blown infestation.

chilliwack pest control

Local Technicians, Prompt Service, Professional Results

For every household pest problem that is not dangerous, there are two more infestation types that are. Take rodents, for example – these pests are messy, but they are also a hazard to your health. Mice and rats are known to spread digestive disease as well as respiratory illness. While these pests raid pantries, pigeons and even wasps invade attics, garages and surrounding areas. These health risks are added motivation for our pest specialists to act quickly.

Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions, Toodaloo has gone through years of trial, error and pest control experiments to properly understand what works and where. With options for both chemical and non-chemical treatments for your pest problem, there is no space that our experts can’t service. Local specialists, competitive pricing and consistent results are just some of the things that set our Toodaloo technicians apart from the competition.



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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