Cross Country Pest Control

Choosing local service means that our technicians will understand the needs of property owners in your area. While Canadian property owners might share values, they don’t have the same pest problems. By isolating pest problems facing each region, our Toodaloo technicians can divide and conquer.

Treating Pests in the Prairies

Prairie provinces are known for their frigid winters, so you can expect insects and rodents to hunker down through winter months. When temperatures begin to drop, spiders, ants, mice and rats flee indoors. No matter the time of year, you can always call Toodaloo for your Winnipeg or Saskatoon pest control services. In addition to taking care of major cities, our experts treat surrounding areas as well.

Wiping Out Infestation on the Coasts

Damp climates invite moisture-loving pests like sow bugs, silverfish or cockroaches that need to be handled as quickly as possible. Spotting a pest without taking action can quickly lead to an infestation. While these pests will often fly under the radar, other infestations are more obvious. Pigeons and other birds fly onto (or into!) properties and begin to leave their mark in a very unsanitary way. Let the experts handle your pest problems from Vancouver to Toronto, and all the way to Mount Pearl!

After years in the industry, our Toodaloo specialists can handle any type of pest. You might be dealing with bites from bed bugs or fleas, stings from wasps or structural damage due to ants – but we can save the day. For prompt, local service anywhere in the Great White North, just grab the phone to say “toodaloo” to your infestation.

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