Running Rodents Out

As temperatures take a turn for the worse, larger pests will try to sneak indoors. Far from being cute little mice who just want a place to warm up, rodents are chewing Canadian property owners out of house and home. Don’t let these intruders ruin your home or workspace when professional removal is only a phone call away.

The Worst Parts of Rodents

Whether you are dealing with mice or rats each infestation brings on its own troubles. The main focus of these intruders is to track down resources, namely, food, water and shelter – all of which are available at the mercy of their hosts. Once inside, intruders begin making their way through pantries, but that is not where the chewing stops. Both rats and mice are capable of gnawing their way through pipes, drywall, wiring, door frames and furniture. Worse than what they bite away, is what they leave behind. Urine and droppings contaminate sensitive surfaces around your space. Even an improper cleanup can mean health hazards to you and those around you.

running rodents outRats of the Sky might sound like a mean name, but it fits pigeons perfectly. When it comes down to rodents, the classification doesn’t even at a mouse or rat. Pigeons creep into properties bringing along bad bathroom habits, damaging deposits and incessant cooing at all hours. If you are dealing with winged pests instead of scurrying ones, our Toodaloo technicians can still help you out! Humane treatment options are available for those that love animals but aren’t keen on infestations.

The experts at Toodaloo treat your persistent pests from top to bottom. By sealing entry points, removing attractants and discouraging pests from coming back, your property stays free of vermin longer. Customer service and after-care considerations keeps our communities free of critters, creepy-crawlers and pests of all sorts.

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