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March 26, 2020

White Rock Mosquito Control

Our Toodaloo technicians are trained pest professionals, dedicated to taking the bite out of your infestations. Proper mosquito control and barrier sprays mean homes, businesses and event centres are pest-free for your enjoyment. When you are sick of chemical sprays and baits, call Toodaloo for an all-natural treatment plan that keeps bugs away for up to three weeks at a time.
White Rock Mosquito Control


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No matter how you slice it, bug bites are no picnic. Over the years, biting pests have become a top priority for the pest control industry. Between fleas and bed bugs, pest removal specialists are always on the move, but mosquitoes are often overlooked. These tiny vampires terrorize outdoor spaces, turning humans into blood meals and outdoor events into catastrophes. Coating yourself in insect repellents is not a reliable way to keep insects away, so trust Toodaloo to ditch these bugs for good. Our White Rock mosquito control offers an all-natural way to kick mosquitoes to the curb.

Evaluating Your Pest Problems

When it comes to outdoor infestations, it can be complicated to properly assess just how bad your insect issues really are. Whether you want to kill mosquitoes or just repel them, it is important to get an idea of what you are working with. When trying to track down mosquito populations, breeding grounds are an excellent place to start. You might not know it but there are female mosquitoes laying eggs around properties. Anywhere that you can find standing water, you can bank on finding mosquito larvae nearby.

Something as simple as a flooded lawn or upturned flowerpot can be a new home for an adult mosquito. Depending on the species of mosquitoes swarming your home, commercial property or event space, access to water is vital. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs either directly in stagnant water or nearby where offspring will have access. A trained eye can assess your property, inspecting it for these types of problem areas and treating them where possible.

Getting rid of pests is about more than just laying down mosquito traps and hoping for the best. Instead of being taken out by basic repellents, mosquito populations seem to constantly be renewing their numbers. Sprays, citronella and carbon dioxide baits might help to reduce numbers in certain areas, but only professional pest control services can kick insects out and keep them gone. Preventing mosquitoes from taking over your property does not just eliminate annoying buzzing, but it can also prevent the spread of disease. They might be tiny, but mosquito bites are known to spread harmful diseases such as West Nile Virus. Don’t bother with subpar results when a Toodaloo expert can help you create a happier, healthier home, workspace or event centre.

White Rock Mosquito Control: The Toodaloo Touch

While pests can be a pain, so can basic repellents. No one wants to be covered in foul-smelling chemicals all day. Try as they might, pest repellent companies cannot create a spray that does not smell awful or demand reapplication every hour. There are, of course, gadgets that claim to create barrier sprays to protect humans from local bugs. These might keep insects away for a moment or two but when you want results, professional services can get you there.

By combining essential oils and other natural deterrents, our team of Toodaloo experts can create an environment that is inhospitable for bugs and welcoming for people. Because sprays are natural, they can be applied to lawns and surrounding greenery without causing burns or damage. This method encourages pests to leave your property all on their own. By removing adult pests, you are treating all stages of life cycles, by preventing eggs from being laid at all. These sprays can kick pests to the curb for up to three weeks at a time. Instead of letting treatments fade, the Toodaloo team reapplies after fourteen days, keeping scents strong and bugs gone.

Instead of relying on sprays alone, our team of experts also provide clients with an in-depth inspection of their property, pointing out problem areas. It can be easy to go snow-blind to those everyday aspects of your space so an extra pair of eyes can make a world of difference to your space. This method can be used on any number of property types, including wedding venues, sports fields, campground and even backyards.



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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