Spring brings Spiders

As temperatures take a turn for the better, it is tempting to throw open your windows or screen doors. A bit of fresh air can make the inside of your property feel like a brand new place all together. Once you have opened up those doors and windows, it is hard to close them back up again and pests will use that to their advantage!

Much like people, not all pests are designed to deal with cold temperatures. While some pests simply die off during the first cold snap, others run for cover. Leaving even the slightest opening for entry can invite in some of the trickiest and least liked pests, such as spiders, mice and rats. Once these pests get in, they breed quickly and can be a nightmare to get rid of. Rats, for instance, can squeeze into openings as small as a quarter and can navigate easily through your home or workplace. Mice, as well are able to squeeze into small spaces, gaining entry and spreading out their numbers. These pests run in behind walls and disappear into cupboards and hard to reach places, building nests and growing their populations. Instead of letting these pests take over, call Toodaloo for your pest removal needs.

Spiders might not bring physical threats into your home, but navigating through cobwebs is not exactly fun! You might find these eight-legged intruders in odd places, but once you start seeing signs of rodents, don’t hesitate to call removal experts. Having rats and mice inside your home can lead to illness as well as physical damage to your property. These pests are known to chew through pipes and wires, which can lead to leaks, floods and even electrical fires. If you have noticed chewing, droppings or even heard these pests scurrying around, call Toodaloo!

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