Spring Showers Bring Stubborn Pests

It might still be winter throughout parts of Canada but from east coast to west coast, moisture is in the air. This type of climate might have a negative impact on the exterior of your space but it can also mean an increase in certain pest populations. Rain showers, snow melt and even condensation can create welcoming environments for cockroaches, termites, carpenter ants and silverfish. Don’t give these insects the run of your home when a safe, effective pest removal service is only one call away!

Increased moisture in an environment benefits pest populations in two ways: by creating comfortable environments and by creating viable food sources. For pests that rely on organic materials for meals or housing, a damp environment is ideal. Termites eat their way through damp materials, making meals of dead or rotting wood outdoors but it does not take them long to make their way indoors. Carpenter ants are also known to initially create their colonies outdoors in downed wood or stumps before chewing highways into your homes interior. While these pests are busy gnawing their way inside, you might already have intruders slithering behind the scenes. Silverfish are some of the most common and destructive pests found across Canada. These pests thrive in 70% humidity or above and will eat your out of house and home, chewing up organic materials day in and day out.

Dealing with dampness and humidity is uncomfortable at the best of times but dealing with the pests that come along with it can be downright torture. Instead of letting these pests have the run of your household, call Toodaloo for your pest removal services. A pest-free home or workplace is only a phone call away!

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