Surviving Spiders

It is no secret that Canada is home to extreme weather. From coast to coast, Canada is dealing with insufferable heat and chills, as well as drought and flooding. It might seem complicated, but that is only because it is! For all the stress that changing weather patterns cause in humans, it is even worse for spiders. You might not give a lot of thought to the needs of the spiders in your area, but these pests are resourceful and not above borrowing from a neighbour. When you notice spiders sneaking around your home or workspace, call Toodaloo for your spider removal service.

Having spiders hiding out in your property can be both dangerous and inconvenient. Aggressive spiders are most well-known on the west coast but all over Canada, these arachnids are coating residential and commercial properties in webs and spooking tenants all over. Instead of giving these unwanted pests rule over your house, call Toodaloo to get rid of every last leg and web.

Treating for spider infestations involves more than catching the odd straggler under a boot. If you want to get rid of spiders and keep them gone, you need to discourage them from coming back. Often times, unpredictable weather can force these pests in in search of warmth or a place to dry off, but the appeal doesn’t end there. One of the biggest draws for spiders is a reliable food source. Even the smallest of pests can act as a four-course meal for a spider. By sweeping your property of spiders, their food sources and any constructions, the Toodaloo team beats your infestation every time.

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