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Spring brings Spiders

As temperatures take a turn for the better, it is tempting to throw open your windows or screen doors. A bit of fresh air can make the inside of your property feel like a brand new place all together. Once you have opened up those doors and windows, it is hard to close them back up again and pests will use that to their advantage!

Much like people, not all pests are designed to deal with cold temperatures. While some pests simply die off during the first cold snap, others run for cover. Leaving even the slightest opening for entry can invite in some of the trickiest and least liked pests, such as spiders, mice and rats. Once these pests get in, they breed quickly and can be a nightmare to get rid of. Rats, for instance, can squeeze into openings as small as a quarter and can navigate easily through your home or workplace. Mice, as well are able to squeeze into small spaces, gaining entry and spreading out their numbers. These pests run in behind walls and disappear into cupboards and hard to reach places, building nests and growing their populations. Instead of letting these pests take over, call Toodaloo for your pest removal needs.

Spiders might not bring physical threats into your home, but navigating through cobwebs is not exactly fun! You might find these eight-legged intruders in odd places, but once you start seeing signs of rodents, don’t hesitate to call removal experts. Having rats and mice inside your home can lead to illness as well as physical damage to your property. These pests are known to chew through pipes and wires, which can lead to leaks, floods and even electrical fires. If you have noticed chewing, droppings or even heard these pests scurrying around, call Toodaloo!

Spring Showers Bring Stubborn Pests

It might still be winter throughout parts of Canada but from east coast to west coast, moisture is in the air. This type of climate might have a negative impact on the exterior of your space but it can also mean an increase in certain pest populations. Rain showers, snow melt and even condensation can create welcoming environments for cockroaches, termites, carpenter ants and silverfish. Don’t give these insects the run of your home when a safe, effective pest removal service is only one call away!

Increased moisture in an environment benefits pest populations in two ways: by creating comfortable environments and by creating viable food sources. For pests that rely on organic materials for meals or housing, a damp environment is ideal. Termites eat their way through damp materials, making meals of dead or rotting wood outdoors but it does not take them long to make their way indoors. Carpenter ants are also known to initially create their colonies outdoors in downed wood or stumps before chewing highways into your homes interior. While these pests are busy gnawing their way inside, you might already have intruders slithering behind the scenes. Silverfish are some of the most common and destructive pests found across Canada. These pests thrive in 70% humidity or above and will eat your out of house and home, chewing up organic materials day in and day out.

Dealing with dampness and humidity is uncomfortable at the best of times but dealing with the pests that come along with it can be downright torture. Instead of letting these pests have the run of your household, call Toodaloo for your pest removal services. A pest-free home or workplace is only a phone call away!

Spring Cleaning

Winter might seem like it is never ending but Spring is right around the corner. While you were focused on bundling up and keeping warm, chances are that pests in your area had the same idea. As temperatures begin to drop, insects and rodents go off in search of a warm place to call home – and they might just choose yours! If you have noticed increased pest activity or other signs of infestation, let our Toodaloo technicians “spring” into action for your Thunder Bay pest removal.

A good spring cleaning is not limited to getting junk out of the garage or sweeping away cobwebs from corners. There are plenty of areas around your residential or commercial space that act as hotbeds for pest activity. Rats and mice are special examples of this, sneaking around homes, barns, storefronts and anywhere that they can get a break from the cold. As temperatures plummet in the Thunder Bay area, smaller insects such as spiders, and even wasps are known to slip in through windows, doorways, ventilation outlets and even unsealed cracks in foundations or materials. This means that you could be housing pests without even knowing it!

As residents of Thunder Bay make the jump from cold to warm during spring months, pests are waking up to begin their busy season. Elevated rain patterns are also a large draw for those insects that thrive on moisture. You might catch a glimpse of a silverfish but they are nothing compared to what it happening behind the scenes. Carpenter ants, pavement ants, bed bugs and termites become more active but are harder to spot.

Instead of playing guessing games about your pest problems, call Toodaloo at the first sign of trouble. You might spot a bug here or there, see a rodent dropping, find a collection of wings or a pile of sawdust – no matter the sign, grab that phone and call Toodaloo. Our Thunder Bay pest removal services are outfitted to accommodate homes, business, or multi-unit properties, so there is always a solution to your pest problem!

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Thunder Bay Franchise Announcement

You might be picky about where you build your home or business but pests are not. Insects and rodents might not be big, but they are taking over commercial, residential and multi-unit properties every day. Luckily, property owners in the area do not have to go up against pests all on their own. Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Services is proud to announce that a new member is joining the Toodaloo team. From now on, Curtis Bagnall and his team of pest removal specialists are leading the way in Thunder Bay Pest Control.

Full Service Pest Removal

Pests might come in many shapes and sizes, but there is nothing that a Toodaloo technician can’t handle. Whether you are dealing with winged pests like wasps or pigeons; crawling pests like spiders, ants or termites; or even biting pests like bed bugs and fleas, Toodaloo has got you covered. Our Thunder Bay pest removal services work alongside clients to not only remove visible infestation but to work at preventing future ones. Insects can be crafty and will always find a way to sneak back inside if you let them. Making pests uncomfortable in your space is a key element in keeping them out! When you want to defeat your enemy, you have to know your enemy. That’s why our Toodaloo Partners, like Curtis are always teaching and training the next generation of pest removal professionals.

Why Call In The Pros

With franchise partners like Curtis in your corner, there is no reason to deal with irritating infestations all on your own! In fact, dealing with pest populations with simple solutions or hardware store remedies can cause more damage than they are worth. Property damage, messy clean ups and unwanted bacteria are all side effects of DIY pest removal. Save yourself with the trouble with one call to Toodaloo for your Thunder Bay pest removal.


With Fall just around the corner, it is time for Canadians to start bundling up. There is nothing more comfortable then curling up inside with a cup of hot cocoa and a cozy sweater. As appealing as this sounds to humans, it sounds even better to pests!

During the winter months, in addition to dropping temperatures, food sources become scarce, driving rodents and insects to look for new methods of sustainability. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and spiders (just to name a few) will begin a full migration into your home as soon as they feel a chill!

Our Toodaloo technicians are specialists when it comes to keeping the pests outside but an untrained eye can miss the tell-tale signs of infestation. Small creatures leave small footprints, that are easily missed in a busy household. Our Toodaloo technicians have an eye for detail and can assure a clean breakup from your unwanted guests.

All of our technicians go through in-depth training before entering your home and banishing those bugs. Our staff are familiar with all of the various kinds of household nuisances and the different ways to remove them from your home. A call to Toodaloo pest control is a call to the cavalry and we always arrive prepared. Take the guess work out of your pest problems by calling Toodaloo, we are always happy to help!

Toodaloo Franchise Announcement

Our team at Toodaloo pest control and wildlife services are proud to announce that we are opened for business!

Our staff are eager to begin helping our fellow Canadians rid themselves of all sorts of creepers, crawlers and scavengers. Toodaloo technicians set themselves apart from other pest control agencies by providing top of the line service from reliable and educated technicians, all while bringing a bit of flash and entertainment.

Canada is unique in all of its shifting climates and landscapes but at Toodaloo, we are ready to tackle any pest-related issues you may have. We are always looking for franchise partners in order to better serve all Canadians by expanding our services throughout the country.

Whether it be as small as a termite, flea or ant; as common as a cockroach or spider; as large as a rat, mouse or pigeon; or as frightening as a wasp or bed bug, our technicians are ready and willing to take on the job. Our customers are always a top priority and that is why Toodaloo uses eco-friendly solutions that are stain and damage resistant to protect both your health and property.

Becoming involved in Toodaloo pest control and wildlife services, whether it be as a customer, team member or franchise partner, is a commitment to better-quality service.

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