Saskatoon Franchise Announcement

Saskatoon is known for many things, but pest infestations are not one of them – and you can thank Trent and his team of Toodaloo technicians for that. Flat terrain, unpredictable weather and ample places to set up camp, make Saskatoon communities the perfect places for pests to call home. Once inside, insects, and rodents are determined to stay put and are just about impossible to get rid of without professional help. The good news is that our Toodaloo team is available to provide prompt service and professional results every time.

Dealing with multi-legged pests has its fair share of setbacks. Most insect species are known to be incredibly quick and very sneaky, making them hard to track and even tougher to get rid of. Take cockroaches for example, getting rid of roaches takes technique and persistence. Pests like these cause damage to both health and properties. While roaches deposit bacteria, smaller insects like ants or silverfish work their way through construction materials, leading to structural damage. Booking a professional service at the first sign of pests can mean the difference between a quick service and repairs, replacements and discomfort. If you are unsure whether or not insect intruders have crept into your home or workspace, our technicians can help you identify the signs of infestation.

When it comes to booking local services, there is no downside! Larger companies become overrun and can leave clients feeling more like a number than a valued member of their community. When Toodaloo comes to the door, you can expect a proper assessment, treatment and after-care. A keen eye makes all the difference to a proper pest removal. Trent and his Toodaloo team have all the resources of a large company but the service and attention of a neighbour. With competitive rates and expert techniques, there is no one better to ditch your pests – so book your appointment today!

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