Langley Pavement Ant Control

Pavement ants are one of those pests whose name describes them to a “T”. These ants are most commonly spotted occupying the opened spaces between grass and concrete edges. Even though Langley has a mild climate, these pests are not keen to spend their lives outside. When pavement ants squeeze through the cracks and make their way indoors, don’t let them get comfortable! Our Toodaloo pest control is available to save the day with our Langley pavement ant control.

What Do Pavement Ants Do?

Much like other pests, the main focus of pavement ants is to build up a life for themselves. This involves tracking down food sources, creating colonies and building up their populations. When they are outdoors, pavement ants work underground. Ants navigate from one area to another by creating tunnels. A single narrow tunnel does not have much of an impact on your property but dozens of them can cause a whole lot of damage! Dislodged or disturbed earth underneath foundations or concrete can lead to shifting materials. Combining an off-kilter foundation, a constantly changing and damp climate, is a recipe for disaster. Cracked, crooked or chipping concrete can affect your walking spaces, driveways and even gazebos or decks. Don’t let the condition of your home or property rest on the tiny shoulders of ants!

Langley Pavement Ant Control: Treatment Techniques That Work

Managing an infestation is impossible, that is why it is an infestation and not a minor annoyance! The reason that ants area able to thrive in any area is that they are masters of hiding. Try as they might, ants cannot hide out from our specialists. Imagining tools and injection rods track and treat ant populations wherever they might be. Under flooring, behind walls and peppered throughout your property. By using a professional service and tools, you can get rid of ants without any unnecessary damage or entry points.

Call Toodaloo for your Langley pavement ant control to get rid of your unwanted pests.

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