Langley Pigeon Removal

Getting rid of pigeons is tougher than you might think. These pests act as guest stars on boardwalks, in parks, at picnics and anywhere that food might be found. Pigeons might not seem like public enemy #1 for pest infestations but they can be just as invasive or destructive as rodents. Even if you have dealt with pests before, giving birds the boot is much different than evicting smaller insects. When you are tired of cooing, cleaning up feathers or dealing with droppings, call Toodaloo for your Langley pigeon removal.

The Problems That Pigeons Bring

Having pigeons around your property can be nerve-racking. These birds do not exactly have a normal sense of boundaries. Pigeons will dive bomb outdoor areas if it means that they can steal a french fry. If they are willing to do all of this for a snack, just imagine what they would do for a long-term setup. Once pigeons have become comfortable in a space, they are not keen to leave! Having pigeons hang around over long periods wrecks the appeal of your property, By covering your home or work property with droppings, pigeons are doing more than aesthetic damage. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and can cause surface damage. Paint, patios, vehicles, and anything within close range of these birds is at risk.

Langley Pigeon Removal: Humane Removal

So how can you keep pigeons away when they are so determined to hang around? The only humane way to keep pigeons off of your property is to prevent them from landing at all. Surface spikes are a common site around businesses. These spikes prevent pigeons from perching and making nests. In addition to these spike strips, Toodaloo offers audio and visual deterrents and electrical currents in order to keep these birds away.

When you want to banish pigeons from your property, trust Toodaloo for a safe and humane Langley pigeon removal.

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