West Vancouver Carpenter Ant Removal

Everyone is familiar with termites, but few people know as much as they should about carpenter ants. These tiny pests might not have a big reputation but they are known to cause a massive amount of damage. Instead of letting these pests eat you out of house and home, call Toodaloo for your West Vancouver carpenter ant removal. When you need some help protecting your property, let our Toodaloo technicians save the day!

The Importance of Your West Vancouver Carpenter Ant Removal

Property owners have a love/hate relationship with ants. These pests are great for composting and recycling organic materials outside but they are a headache when they sneak indoors. There is a number of ways that carpenter ants can sneak inside, but once they are in, it is all downhill from there! In addition to having unwanted pests crawling over your counters and surprising you where you least expect it, these ants chew! Carpenter ants do not eat wooden materials, but they sure chew through it! When carpenter ants arrive on scene, they will chew through softened and sound wood in order to navigate around and create their new colonies. This means that over time, a large population can leave the wooden materials around your property looking more like swiss cheese than a solid structure. Don’t let a prolonged mouse infestation impact the structural integrity of your property. Save yourself some cost and trouble with one call to our Toodaloo technicians.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

The trick to getting rid of your carpenter ant infestation is to take care of populations as a whole. These tiny terrors weave in and out of materials, making it difficult to track them down. In order to make sure that each and every ant is properly taken care of, Toodaloo technicians bring in specialty tools. By using a bit of assisted imaging, colonies and high traffic areas can be found without unnecessary damage. Once they are tracked down, these areas can be treated directly by use of injection rods.

When you are ready for the most direct and effective approach to your West Vancouver carpenter ant control, call Toodaloo today.

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