West Vancouver Pavement Ant Control

Ants are a common sight all over B.C and not many property owners are keen to distinguish one type from the other. Each ant type has its own quirks and habits. Pavement ants, for example, are experts at contaminating your living space, burrowing tunnels and disrupting your structures. Instead of letting these ants have free run of your home or commercial property, call Toodaloo for your West Vancouver pavement ant control.

What Can Pavement Ants Really Do?

Pavement ants are small but that doesn’t stop them from being destructive. You might have caught the entrance to an ant tunnel stuck around the cracks and sides of sidewalks. These entry points usually consist of small dirt mounds with a single opening near the top. These little pyramids of dislodged dirt don’t seem like much, but they are a way of accessing tunnel systems that run underneath concrete structures. One of two of these tunnels running under your property do not do much in terms of damage but over time there will be more and more of these forming. Dislodged dirt can create uneven materials and slanted surfaces which need to be replaced or repaired. Even hard items like driveways are made according to the solid ground underneath. If this ground is disturbed, weight is no longer being distributed properly and can lead to cracks and wearing down of materials. In addition to the damage that they do outside, pavement ants present a real contamination problem. Ants trail bacteria over delicate kitchen prep areas, where germs can be picked up and distributed to human hosts.

Your West Vancouver Pavement Ant Control: How We Work

In order to properly remove the threat of contamination or damage around your space, our Toodaloo technicians examine areas but in and around your property. Ants choose to live in colonies, which can become overcrowded over time. In order to manage space and resources, ant populations will split off to form satellite colonies. It is common for these colonies to be built indoors, behind walls, under flooring or in other low traffic areas. Getting rid of entire ant populations mean following these pests wherever they might go. In the past, pest removal companies had to create unnecessary entry points into construction materials in order to track pests. As time went out, imaging tools and injection rods replaced older treatment methods. Avoid unnecessary damage while still getting great results.

When you are ready for direct and effective solutions to your pest problem, our West Vancouver pavement ant control is here to help. Call today to book an appointment with a Toodaloo technician.

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