Burnaby Carpenter Ant Control

When your property is in need of care or repair, it is common practice to call in a carpenter but a carpenter ant is fall less helpful. Although tiny, these pests prey on the most vulnerable ares of your property, working their way in and refusing to leave. When carpenter ants begin popping up around your home or commercial property, call Toodaloo to get them out. A proper Burnaby carpenter ant control service tracks populations and colonies, getting ants out once and for all.

The Mighty, Mighty Ant

It is common knowledge that ants are some of the strongest pests around. These insects build their homes without tools, can carry large loads and can navigate just about anywhere. It is no wonder that they are such a troublesome pest to find indoors! Carpenter ants, however, are a bit different than other species of ants. Carpenter ants gnaw through wood but they do not use it as a food source. Once they break through into your space, ants can survive off any basic human food source. Sweets, starches and proteins are all feast-grade meals for ants. By chewing tunnels through wood-based materials, ants ingrain themselves deep into the unreachable areas of your structure.

Burnaby Carpenter Ant Control: Getting Results

Because carpenter ants are so skilled at hide and seek, special techniques are required to track them down. Satellite colonies begin small, but grow rapidly. Just because you catch a few ants crawling across your countertop does not mean that they are the only ones close by. In order to properly remove carpenter ants, you need to be able to see behind walls. Our Toodaloo technicians might not be able to do that, but we do have the next best thing! Top of the line tools combined with experience and technique allows us to track populations behind walls and floors.

If ants are taking over your property, call Toodaloo today for your Burnaby carpenter ant control.

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