Burnaby Wasp Removal

It is a universal truth that once a wasp has a taste for sweets, it will come back for more. These pests know what they want and they are not afraid to come after it again and again – even when it is at your expense! If wasps are terrorizing your home or business, stop the sting with our Burnaby wasp removal. Toodaloo technicians are local to your area, which means timely service and expert results.

What Brings Wasps to Your Door ?

Spring might bring crisp, sunshiny mornings but wasps are too busy to notice. When temperatures take a turn upward, wasps waste no time getting to work on their living space. Nests are normally constructed out of the way of traffic. You won’t find nests in highly travelled spaces, but you will certainly see them flying around. Nests are made up of a papery pre-chewed substance and can house hundreds of wasps. Having one of these sitting under your porch, in your trees, hanging from gutters or stuck near the peaks of your property, means a constant string of winged intruders.

Burnaby Wasp Removal: The Key to Proper Treatment

There are some pests out there that can be treated with some brute force and a broom but wasps are not one. Getting too close to a wasp nest can make the pests inside aggressive and territorial. A single sting is bad news at the best of times, but anything more than that can be downright dangerous. Wasp stings are one of the most common allergens around. Even if you are not allergic to wasps, multiple stings can lead to shock or, can even be fatal. Don’t leave anything to chance when dealing with these dangerous pests.

Don’t let wasps ruin your fun this summer. Give Toodaloo a call for timely and professional results for your Burnaby wasp removal.

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