Burnaby Silverfish Removal

There is hardly a home in B.C that hasn’t had to deal with silverfish at one point or another. These pests thrive in high humidity environments and there is no place better for them than west coast cities. Silverfish are slithering, destructive pests and getting rid of them can feel impossible. If you are feeling weighed down by your pest problem, a professional Burnaby silverfish removal can lighten your load.

What You Need to Know About Silverfish

Silverfish can be found both inside and outdoors. Silverfish are able to live alongside their human neighbours for long periods. You might wonder how this is, but you can’t underestimate the sneakiness of these pests. Silverfish are nocturnal, dark in colour, quick and can squeeze into the tightest of spaces. With all these things in mind, it is no wonder that homeowners don’t notice the presence of silverfish until the later stages of an infestation. Silverfish eggs are just about impossible to spot and adolescent pests are not much better! As soon as the light flip on, silverfish are known to freeze, looking more like specks of pepper than a bug. If you begin to notice even the slightest sign of silverfish, call Toodaloo! Our Burnaby silverfish removal comes along with assessment, treatment and aftercare.

Burnaby Silverfish Removal: Treating Your Infestation

Far from clearing out a simple nest and expecting them to stay away, a proper Burnaby silverfish control takes a lot of effort. You might be able to catch one here or there, but if you can spot silverfish here or there, you can bet there are hundreds behind the scenes. The only way to get rid of these pests is to treat and clean every nook and cranny. Prime areas for silverfish can include closets, crawlspaces, attics, cupboards and bathrooms. Our Toodaloo technicians can address all of the problem areas around your space.

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