Richmond Carpenter Ant Removal

Unlike some other household pests, no one is afraid of ants. These small pests do not instil fear like spiders or give off the creeps like cockroaches. Despite how common ant sightings are, these pests cause large-scale damage to properties around the Richmond area. When you are noticing ants popping up around your home or business, call Toodaloo today. A proper Richmond carpenter ant removal navigates even the most delicate areas of your property to give you an ant-free environment.

The Trouble That Ants Cause

All ants are an inconvenience but carpenter ants are in a league of their own. In addition to trailing bacteria around with them, carpenter ants attack the foundations of your property. Carpenter ants will often begin their journey in the great outdoors, setting up parent colonies. Parent colonies house large numbers of ants, until the colony outweighs the resources. When this happens, ants will go traveling in order to find a new home. In an urban environment like Richmond, this new home can easily be inside yours. These pests can sneak in through just about any opened space and once inside, they get to work. In order to get around, and create their ideal space, ants gnaw through wooden materials. This means that big replacements are in your future if you don’t ditch those ants quickly.

Getting Results For Your Richmond Carpenter Ant Removal

Tracking down carpenter ants might seem simple, but it is anything but easy. Catching sight of these pests crawling across counters is much different than pinning down the location of a colony. Because carpenter ants tunnel through wooden areas, they can set up camp just about anywhere. Even the smallest crack in flooring can be a freeway for ants, letting them come and go as they please. Since you cannot squeeze into all of these tight spaces, it is up to speciality tools to get the job done right.

If ants are crowding your environment, call Toodaloo to reclaim your space. Our Richmond carpenter ant removal can help get rid of your pests and keep them gone.

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