Richmond Mouse Removal

If you are hearing scrapes and rustling during the night, you might just be hearing mice. These rodents are constantly on the move around your property, collecting items for nests, seeking out supper and spreading out germs. The longer that mice are allowed to camp out inside your home or commercial property, the worse they make the situation. Calling Toodaloo at the first sign of mice can make your Richmond mouse removal that much easier!

Myths About Mice

Mice are often portrayed as tiny, cute and quick. They might be small and they might be fast but there is nothing cute about a mouse infestation. These rodents work their way into properties easily but once inside, they are determined to stay! After all, what is not to love about camping out in a warm, covered home with all the food and resources that they could need? This living arrangement might be ideal for mice but not so much for you. Where there are mice, there are risks. Droppings, for example, can lead to much more than another necessary cleaning. In fact, cleaning these droppings can do a lot of unexpected harm. When mouse urine or droppings are disturbed, they release airborne bacteria that is they breathed in. Something as small as a mouse dropping can cause stomach-based illnesses and can impact your breathing. Having mice in your home or workspace can negatively impact your friends, family and customers.

Your Richmond Mouse Removal

One of the most important weapons that property owners have against mice is information. Learning the habits of mice is important in understanding the best way to get rid of them and keep them gone. Reactions to climate, nesting habits and ideal environments are all things that our Toodaloo technicians take into account. Getting rid of your pest problem comes from a system of removal, prevention and education for our clients.

Call today to book an appointment for your Richmond mouse removal and kick those furry little pests to the curb in no time at all.

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