Richmond Pigeon Removal

Whether you realize it or not, pigeons are some pretty destructive pests. Pigeons impact property owners at visual and audio levels, as well as causing property damage. It might be difficult to get rid of those birds lurking around your property but it is possible. When you are ready to banish birds, call Toodaloo for your Richmond pigeon removal.

The Problem With Pigeons

The issues surrounding a pigeon infestation are not limited to having these birds swoop at your head. A pigeon taking flight might startle you but the smaller consequences of these pests are far scarier. Pigeons spend a lot of time trailing alleys, and snagging discarded food for their meals. The pigeon lifestyle means that they are constantly covered in bacteria. These germs might do little to the pigeon itself but they can mean big trouble for humans that come across them. If pigeons have taken to perching on your balcony, awning, patio or furniture, they are contaminating them with every visit. In addition to bacteria, pigeons leave droppings behind. Pigeons droppings are highly acidic and can damage surface layers of vehicles, patios, balconies and everything in between. Surface damage accounts for consistent efforts to repair or replace materials.

Your Richmond Pigeon Removal: Getting the Best Results For You

The easiest way to keep pigeons away is to make them uncomfortable. Pigeons are adaptable, stubborn and persistent. When they find a comfortable spot, they are not keen to leave. Instead of taking drastic measures to modify your property, opt for easy, humane treatment options instead. Surface spikes are some of the most sought-after treatments for commercial and residential properties. These strips stop pigeons from landing and getting comfortable. Surface spikes are one of many options to keep your property free of pigeons.

With the right team behind you, getting rid of pigeons has never been easier. Our Toodaloo technicians are always ready to address any questions or concerns about your Richmond pigeon removal.

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