St. Albert Bed Bug Control & Removal

More and more, as populations levels rise all over Canada, bed bugs are becoming a problem. Not only that, but they a deeply serious concern for home owners and business owners alike, who may be dealing with these pests for the very first time. If you need help with your bed bug infestation, we can help. Toodaloo offers thorough and efficient St. Albert bed bug control and removal services to those in need.

No one wants bed bugs in their life. Their bites are itchy and can even be painful. To make matters worse, they and their eggs are incredibly small, so it can be hard to accurately assess the problem for those inexperienced with them. These bugs will often hitch a ride on us or the things we carry. This is how they infiltrate our buildings.

Once they are inside, they will attach themselves to furniture, clothing, and so on, until they can find a blood meal. They don’t even need to feed often – once a year suits them just fine, in fact. Not only that, but an adult female can produce 1-5 eggs a day for her entire adult life. That is potentially thousands of bed bugs over the course of a few months!

St. Albert Bed Bug Control & Removal: Put them to Rest

We also offer both chemical and non-chemical treatments. Toodaloo is also the only company to offer a standard industry warranty on our bed bug removal services.

Our technicians are not only efficient, but discreet as well. We will make sure everything is handled carefully. We can also offer you and your staff information and awareness training sessions to better prepare and act in the case of bed bugs.

Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have concerning bed bugs or other pests. Just give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or contact us through our website.

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