St. Albert Pest Control

There are many reasons to visit the stunning city of St. Albert, but pests are not one of them. Seated just outside of Edmonton, St. Albert is privy to many incredible amenities and is rich in culture, but it also gets a lot of pests. Where there are a lot of people, there is bound to be a lot of parasitic bugs and animals who want to eat our scraps and use our houses for themselves. When this happens, call Toodaloo. We offer St. Albert pest control for all your pest needs.

Believe it or not, there are many species that easily infest Canadian homes and businesses every year. We are here to accomodate these people, protecting them and their properties from harm in all its forms. Some pests, like mice, pigeons, and cockroaches, are significant health concerns. While others, like carpenter ants or pavement ants, will destroy parts of your property. And some of them can even cause physical harm as well, like wasps or rats.

Not only do we provide environmentally friendly and humane methods, but we can also go the extra mile for our clients. If you need discreet service, we can arrive in an unmarked vehicle and avoid using buzzwords like ‘pest’ or ‘infestation.’ For some pests, we can even provide additional services. Read more about them here on our website or give us a call today.

St. Albert Pest Control: Toodaloo is the Answer

We can provide small or large scale removal services for commercial or industrial organizations, as well as residential areas. We offer trustworthy and professional service, with the latest and best in equipment to meet your pest control needs. Toodaloo will take care of everything, and you can get back to your life.

Any time you are facing pest infestation in your area, Toodaloo will be there to help. We believe in helping out and creating a safe, healthy living and working environment free of nasty pests.

Our St Albert Services :

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