St. Albert Flea Control & Removal

It may be nasty enough to spot a flea hopping off your pet’s back, but when they begin to infest a house or business, the problem skyrockets. These small insects can make people and pets incredibly sick, and even trigger outbreaks. If you have fleas bouncing around your property, call Toodaloo. We offer St. Albert flea control and removal programs that will send the fleas running in no time.

First of all, flea bites are no fun to deal with. Flea bites cause a slightly raised, swollen itching spot to form. Similar to a mosquito bite, there will be a little puncture wound in the centre. The effects from a bite can last up to two weeks, causing continuous discomfort the entire time. For dogs and cats and other animals these insects may choose as their hosts, hair loss and anemia can also occur.

Another reason that fleas can be such a serious concern is because they can transmit diseases through their bites. Some of these diseases include Typhus and Bartonella (also known as the ‘cat scratch disease’). They can also make pets and other animals sick, either by bite or by the animal ingesting the fleas by accident or during grooming.

St. Albert Flea Control & Removal: Put a Stop to Them

Toodaloo technicians know the signs of fleas all too well, and understand their behaviour inside and out. Which is helpful when dealing with such small pests. Eggs and newborn fleas are a translucent white, so these are even harder to see than the adult fleas themselves. They will often fall into carpets and floorboards, making it harder to find them and completely eradicate the flea population. But with professional flea remova, this won’t be a problem.

To set up an appointment with us, simply go on our website or give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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