Abbotsford Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants might sound like an industrious species – and they are! – but they are also destructive pests. Far from constructing properties out of wood, these ants are experts at tearing them down. Bit by bit and bite by bite, these ants will hollow out the wooden foundations of your space. Don’t let all of your hard work and investment become a meal for pests. Calling Toodaloo for your Abbotsford carpenter ant control protects your property from pests!

Ants are a common pest to be found outdoors. When you catch a glimpse of these insects inside, you can identify carpenter ants by their colours and habits. These pests are either black (modoc) or red (vicinus), and can normally be seen scurrying around counters or cupboards. Unlike termites, carpenter ants gnaw through wood but do not eat it. Since they can’t make a meal out of wood or organics, they need to raid kitchens. Carpenter ants might be a threat to the condition of your property, but they are a threat to your person as well. In addition to gnawing tunnels into the cellulose-based materials around your property. ants can spread germs around the delicate surfaces of your property.

Managing Your Abbotsford Carpenter Ant Control

As carpenter ants become comfortable living inside your space, they begin to spread their numbers out. The more ants that are living in your home or workspace, the more holes and tunnels you can expect to find. Catching infestations early can prevent wooden framing, drywall and foundation materials from looking like swiss cheese! When you call Toodaloo at the first sign of ants you are getting rid of pests and protecting your space. Tracking ants through covered areas can be difficult without a keen eye and proper tools. There are certain areas that you can spot as problems from afar, but for a proper removal, you need to see behind walls! You might think this is impossible, but through technology, there is almost no such thing! Imaging tools and injection guns allow satellite colonies to be broken down and treated. By removing possible food sources, and ditching travelling colonies, your ant problems disappear!

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