Abbotsford Pavement Ant Control

Pavement ants are small, sneaky and can be found just about anywhere that you look. Those small mounds that catch your eye between slabs of concrete on the sidewalk? Yes, pavement ants live there. For as much as you catch these pests outside, they are a common interior issue as well. Protecting your property from pavement ants might seem like an impossible task but it can be as easy as picking up the phone. Your Abbotsford pavement ant control is only a click or phone call away.

What Makes Ants Problematic

Far from needing technology to keep in touch, ants have a more natural way of keeping in contact. Ants use chemical trails to call or track down other ants. With this figurative trail of breadcrumbs, one ant crawling through your property leads to many, quickly. Once these ants are inside, they move quickly, spreading bacteria and contaminating prep surfaces. These pests are an issue for your health indoors but outdoors they are cause damage to your property. You might not think that something as small as an ant can cause much damage but thousands of them are a real problem! Pavement ants navigate underground, tunneling from parent colonies to satellite colonies and beyond.

Abbotsford Pavement Ant Control: How We Work

In order to track ants down around your property, it is important to understand the habits of these pests. Pavement ants are hard workers, and they work up quite an appetite. Kitchens are a prime location for ants but it is not the only place that they are found. Tracking these pests requires speciality pest removal tools, used to treat colonies directly. In addition to pinpoint treatment methods, imaging tools can help remove infestations completely.

When you are ready to fight back against ants but are not sure how to get the necessary results, call Toodaloo! A proper Abbotsford pavement ant control is only a phone call or click away.

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