Abbotsford Pigeon Removal

Far from the pests that are crowding your cupboards or skulking around your property, pigeons take to the skies when confronted by property owners. Because these birds have the ability to fly away so easily, effective removal methods can be tough. Lucky for property owners in the Abbotsford area, the pest experts at Toodaloo know how to treat your infestation. A proper Abbotsford pigeon removal focuses on long-term as well as short-term pest control.

Your Pigeon Problem: More Than Just Feathers

You might not think it just by looking at them but pigeons are capable of doing a lot of damage. As birds begin to linger around your home or workspace, they begin to leave things behind. It might begin slowly, with a bit of cooing here or a clump of feathers there. Eventually, you will be seeing a lot more of these pests as they start to get comfortable. Pigeons carry countless diseases on their bodies and that is why it is unadvisable to put hands on them. Even if you do not touch pigeons, you can pick up the bacteria that they leave behind against surfaces. In addition to bacteria, pigeons leave droppings everywhere and anywhere.

Abbotsford Pigeon Removal: The Key To Success

Mobility is easy for pigeons. These birds take what they need, take off and come back whenever they feel like it. Shooing birds away might provide you with a few moments of peace but if you want long-term results, you had better call Toodaloo! Instead of focusing on ditching pigeons for the moment, our pest removal experts work towards keeping them away for the long run. By creating an unwelcoming atmosphere for pigeons, you are pushing these pests out in a humane way. There are several options available for any type of property. Visual or audio deterrents are available but spike strips are some of the most popular solutions around. By stopping pigeons from perching in the first place, you are stopping your infestation at the source.

Don’t let pigeons be a problem around your property. Toodaloo offers up prompt service, expert results and friendly service. Why not take advantage of your local best services when they are so readily available?

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