Abbotsford Mouse Removal

Mice might be small but they pack a punch to property owners. Despite their size, mice cause more damage to households per year than nearly any other pest. Mice have no sense of personal boundaries, so before you know it, you end up sharing a living space and even food! Don’t let uninvited guests put you at risk. Put a stop to mouse-related contamination and damage with our Abbotsford mouse removal, today.

What To Expect From Mice

Mice can sneak into properties from just about any point. Rodents can squeeze in through openings the size of a nickel, or can use a door just like anyone else. No matter how they make their way inside, mice do not wipe their paws before entry. When mice enter your property, they are bringing a lot more in with them than their furry little bodies. These rodents are loaded down with bacteria and can even carry other harmful pests, such as fleas along with them.

Once indoors, mice waste no time making themselves feel right at home. Building nests and tracking down dinner comes second nature to mice, but what benefits them does not do you any favours. In order to build nests, mice rip and tear apart the soft items around your property such as textiles or insulation. This nest-building habit ruins material around your property and creates fire hazards. Mice are also known to chew through sound material, like pipes. One munched water pipe can lead to flooding, water damage and mould. In addition to physical damage, mice leave dozens of potential threats scattered around your home every day. Mouse droppings are not only unpleasant to see but they pose health risks as well. Don’t put yourself at risk when you can call Toodaloo instead!

Abbotsford Mouse Removal

The key to keeping mice out of your space is to stop them from getting in, keep them from getting comfortable and makings difficult for these rodents. Because of their small size, mice can squeeze in through opened doors, windows, vents and everything in between. Our Toodaloo technicians help identify and seal openings that have been acting as entry points for mice.

Call today for a complete rodent removal. Fantastic results for your Abbotsford mouse removal is only one phone call away.

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