Maple Ridge Pavement Ant Removal

Have you ever noticed this small mounds built up between blocks of concrete along sidewalks? Those are left behind by pavement ants. These small mounds are only a quick look at how these ants operate. They might be small, but pavement ants are diggers, climbers and experts at contaminating spaces. Don’t let ants alienate your from your home or business, when our Maple Ridge pavement ant removal is only a call away.

The Problem With Pavement Ants

The trouble with pavement ants is not only that they invade your space but that they contaminate it as well. Not unlike other pests, ants trail around on the ground all day, collecting dirt and bacteria as they do. What seems unsavoury for us does not affect these pests at all, so they have no problem hopping into mud or other dirty materials. In fact, pavement ants are known to tunnel underground, creating satellite colonies and pathways underneath hard construction materials. Having these pests creeping underneath your driveways, sidewalks and foundations can lead to a lot of trouble. As much as you might not notice them, these tunnels allow for shifting soil and insecure foundations. These small shifts can lead to uneven and cracked concrete, which means tripping hazards and repairs.

Maple Ridge Pavement Ant Removal: Proper Tools, Proper Results

Ant infestations are tricky for several reasons. The first of these is that they create colonies behind covered spaces that are difficult to reach. Not only is it hard to figure out where they are hiding out, but how do you treat them when you do? You can’t exactly toss ant traps into holes in drywall and hope for the best! Thankfully, the pest control industry has come a long way toward simple and easy solutions. Implementing imaging tools and injection guns allows our Toodaloo technicians to treat ants completely and right at the source.

A well-rounded ant removal is only a phone call away with a little help from Toodaloo. Call or click today to book an appointment for your Maple Ridge pavement ant removal.

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