Maple Ridge Rat Removal

Globally, rats are seen as the boogeymen of the pest world. These rodents creep around the dark corners of your property, raid pantries and cause a whole lot of property damage. Don’t let rats have the run of your property. Take back your space with a hand from Toodaloo and our Maple Ridge rat removal.

Identifying Your Rats

The first step to treating your rat infestation is to figure out which type of rat that you are dealing with. From afar, all rats might look the same to you but each type of rat has their own distinct habits. Trying to keep rats out of your home or workspace requires proper identification that our specialists are happy to give. Roof rats are expert climbers and can find their way in from even the greatest heights of your property. Monitoring lower level areas might keep out the more terrestrial Norway rats but won’t do much for the climbers in your life. So, if rats are coming from both angles, how are you meant to get rid of them? By calling Toodaloo, of course!

Maple Ridge Rat Removal: Why Choose Toodaloo

The key to a proper result for your Maple Ridge rat removal is a three step process of assessment, elimination and prevention. Firstly, you have to figure out just how exactly these pests are getting in. Any openings the size of a quarter or larger are large enough for rats to squeeze through. These openings need to be properly sealed off in order to keep future infestations from happening. Once rat existing populations are removed, it is time to look to the future and keeping incoming rodents out.

Keeping your property safe, welcoming and rat-free can be a tall order without the right team behind you. Call today to book an appointment for your Maple Ridge rat removal.

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