Maple Ridge Pigeon Removal

It is impossible to avoid pigeons over long periods. In a mild climate like that of Maple Ridge, these birds are anywhere and everywhere – all year long! As a species, pigeons are a tough bird. These flying pests are experts at tracking down their next meal and finding a place to crash while they rest their wings. This is all well and good until the place they decide to call home is yours! When you find pigeons perching on your property, call Toodaloo for your Maple Ridge pigeon removal.

What Pigeon Populations Mean For You

One pigeon is bad on its own but multiples mean real trouble. The more pigeons are hanging around, the more droppings are being dropped, the louder the cooing and the more germs are building up. There is a reason that people do not go around petting pigeons. These scavengers are covered in every type of germ that you can think of. After rooting around in trash and alleys for their next meal, pigeons are bound to be covered in all manner of bacteria. As they land, pigeons drop these germs all over your decks, patios, handrails or balconies.

As unappealing as these germs might be, droppings are worse! No bird dropping has ever improved the look of their surroundings but some are worse than others. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and can cause property damage, as well as a hit to your aesthetics. Over time, droppings that have been left on your decks, patios or even your car can wear away at the surface levels of your property. As much as you might try to keep on top of pigeon droppings as they collect, it can be impossible when your property is a regular stop on the pigeon rotation. Instead of struggling to scrub your space, call Toodaloo to eliminate this problem at the source!

Maple Ridge Pigeon Removal: Humane Removal Methods

Unlike other pests lurking around your home, treatment of pigeon populations needs to be handled a bit more carefully. In order to keep birds away without harming them, deterrents are used. By partnering with Bird-B-Gone, Toodaloo offers visual and audio deterrents, as well as the ever popular surface spikes.

When you are unsure how to keep pigeons away from your property, call Toodaloo for a crash course in keeping birds at bay. Our Maple Ridge pigeon removal can help you keep your property looking great.

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