Surrey Carpenter Ant Removal

When certain pests enter your home, they are known to cause structural damage or contamination of food sources. When the pest in question is a carpenter ant, you are dealing with both! Carpenter ants attack rogue food sources and gnaw through the wooden materials around your home or business. Instead of letting these pests eat you out of house and home, let Toodaloo perform your Surrey carpenter ant removal.

Carpenter Ants vs. Property Owners

Ants are small but they are also might opponents once they get inside. Because of their size, carpenter ant populations are not easily contained. Carpenter ants might create large colonies but they do not stay contained to them. Instead of sticking to one area, carpenter ants gnaw their way through the wooden areas of your property, damaging the integrity of wooden materials. Carpenter ants chew trails through softened or sound wood in order to navigate to the more desirable areas of your property. Most pests stick close to water sources, but just about all of them love to lurk around kitchens. Unlike sonar or visual trails, ants use chemical trails to call other ants over to them. Popular areas, like kitchens are constantly seeing ants marching in an around them. In addition to the presence of bugs in your cooking space, these pests drag bacteria around with them.

Surrey Carpenter Ant Removal: Getting Results

Because of the amount of damage that these ants can do over time, quick action is best for your Surrey carpenter ant control. As ants begin to spread out around your property, they can form even more satellite colonies. By using imaging tools, as well as injection rods, Toodaloo technicians can treat high-traffic areas directly. By treating ant populations directly, you are getting the quickest and most effective results for your Surrey carpenter ant removal.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by ants, just call Toodaloo. Our expert technicians will have your property ant free in no time at all.

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