Surrey Wasp Removal

On the spectrum of household pests, wasps are near the top in terms of hazards and annoyance. These pests are aggressive, travel in groups and are known to sting. These facts can make your Surrey wasp removal a real pain! Instead of putting yourself at risk, call a professional service to get the bugs out for you.

Wasps: Pests With A Schedule

Wasp populations are most active seasonally. You might catch glimpses of them as soon as the spring sun starts to shine, but summer is their most active time. When winter is over, wasps need to get to work building their nests, their numbers and their food supplies. Nests are made up of a papery, chewed substance that is stuck together. These nests can house hundreds of wasps, ready to defend their home. Once the nest is built and food is collected, wasps have some leisure time on their hands! During this period, wasps are on the hunt for protein and sugar. This is why wasps are so keen to dive-bomb your patios, picnics and backyards. When wasps begin to pop up, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo for your Surrey wasp removal.

Surrey Wasp Removal: Safe Practice, Great Results

If you think that wasps are aggressive on their own, just wait until you find a group of them! Wasps spend a lot of time building up their nests and are quick to defend them the moment that they feel threatened. Taking even one step too close to a nest can result in a whole lot of bodily harm. Unless you are approaching wasp populations with all the right technique and safety equipment, you are approaching them the wrong way. Don’t bother with unnecessary risk when you can just call Toodaloo! Our Surrey wasp control program works by luring pests away, removing nests and discouraging wasps from returning to your space.

Call today to speak with one of our Toodaloo technicians and get the wasps out of your space in not time at all.

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