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March 26, 2020

Surrey Wasp Removal

Wasps are just about the worst houseguests that you can have. These pests are invasive, aggressive and always outstay their welcome. Instead of being a quiet nuisance, wasps come along with the constant threat of stings. Stings are painful at the best of times, but they can be deadly for those with allergies. Leave the risks at the door and call a professional to tackle the wasp nests around your home or commercial space. Our Toodaloo technicians have all the right training and equipment to remove your current infestation and discourage any future ones.
Surrey Wasp Removal


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On the spectrum of household pests, wasps are near the top in terms of both health hazards and overall annoyances. These pests are aggressive, travel in groups and are known to sting. More than just being social, wasps build nests around Canadian properties, bringing in more pests and making these spaces more and more dangerous. Instead of putting yourself at risk, call a professional service to help ditch those bugs safely. Our Surrey wasp removal services can handle any and all types of wasps, hornets and nests.

Pests With a Schedule

No matter the species of wasps hanging out around your home or business, these pests are productive. Yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets and paper wasps are most active seasonally. You might catch glimpses of them as soon as the spring sun starts to shine, but summer is their most active time of year. As winter weather comes to a close, pests all over the Greater Vancouver area shake off their chills and get to work and wasps are no different. These pests get to work building up their nests, growing their numbers and gathering up food supplies. A wasp nest is made up of a chewed, papery substance that is stuck together and dried out. These nests can house hundreds (or thousands!) of pests at any given time and this is what makes wasp control such a sticky situation. As long as nests are standing, wasps will keep coming back.

Once the nest is built and food is collected, wasps have some leisure time on their hands. It is during this period that a wasp problem becomes obvious. It is during this time that workers venture out, on the hunt for proteins and sugars. This need for meats and sweets is what drives these bugs to dive-bomb patios, picnics and backyards. Calling in your local Toodaloo pest control company at the first sign of an infestation can mean a better outcome, in a better timeframe and with less risk.

Surrey Wasp Removal: Safe Practice, Great Results

The most dangerous aspect of wasp infestations are their nests. Having the ability to fly gives these pests a distinct advantage over their human hosts. There is no telling where these unhappy little homes will turn up. Hanging from rafters in a garage, tucked up in a tree, roof peaks and even underground, there is nowhere that a nest cannot be built. Even with the right tools and training, homeowners are still left to manage heights, which are dangerous enough on their own.

If you think that wasps are aggressive on their own, just wait until you come across a group of them! It does not take much for a wasp to feel threatened. Something as simple as a quick bump can send these stingers into a frenzy. Over the counter pesticides do not come with instructions on how to manage a bunch of irritated wasps! Simply pointing and shooting chemicals at a nest is not enough to get the results that you need and can result in a whole lot of bodily harm. The Tooodaloo method involves luring pests away, removing nests and discouraging wasps from returning to your space.

In addition to keeping our clients and technicians safe, the Toodaloo team is dedicated to protecting the environment as well, particularly the honey bee. During wasp control services, it is important to properly identify which flying pest you are dealing with. Bees are key players in preserving our eco-system, so it is more important than ever to preserve their dwindling numbers. If you are unsure whether you are dealing with bees, call an expert before you reach for that can of Raid.



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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