Surrey Mouse Removal

Just about every property owner in Canada has come across mice at one point or another. Small rodents have a tendency to creep into small or narrow openings and make themselves right at home. When mice enter into a home or property, they do not put up their paws and relax. Mice are constantly at work creating nests, stealing food, damaging property and contaminating surfaces. Rodents tend to hit you where it hurts most, but owning property does not need to be a pain with Toodaloo in your corner. A proper Surrey mouse removal, banishes rodents but includes all the right information to pass the torch on to property owners.

Getting Rid of Rodents

Getting rid of mice can feel downright impossible. These pests multiply quickly, operate quietly at first, can squeeze through small spaces and are experts at hiding themselves. The first sign of a mouse infestation is usually the droppings that they leave behind. Mouse droppings are not only unsanitary but they can cause severe illnesses, and impact allergies. The biggest threat posed by mouse droppings actually comes on its removal. Trying to wipe away droppings or urine can unleash bacteria and dust into the air, attacking respiratory systems. Sharing food with mice (intentional or not!) can lead to intestinal illness. Mice do not bring anything good to the table when they arrive on the scene, but they certainly leave their mark! Don’t let mice gnaw away at your furniture, walls, door frames or food stores when you can call Toodaloo instead.

Surrey Mouse Removal: Keeping Mice Away

For every mouse that finds its way inside your home, there is something that has drawn it there. In most cases, the attractant is just food or shelter. Who wouldn’t want a warm place to sleep on a chilly night? The trick to keeping these pests away is to figure out how they are getting in! Assessment, elimination and aftercare are all aspects of your Surrey mouse removal service. You know the old saying: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for life”. The same premise can be applied to your Surrey mouse removal. Teaching clients to manage the problem areas of your property will help prevent mice from sneaking in for years to come.

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