Surrey Pigeon Removal

Pigeons are no strangers to populated cities. These birds know where to find a good meal when they need one and populated urban centres are the way to do it! Beaches, tourist attractions, restaurants and even sidewalks can mean gourmet meals for pigeons. When these birds are in your space, you can expect a lot of unnecessary noise, droppings and a whole lot of bacteria. Don’t let pigeons create an unwelcoming environment for yourself, visitors or clients. Toodaloo technicians keep your property clean and inviting through our Surrey pigeon removal.

Down With Droppings

Birds are not exactly a cuddly bunch. For some Canadians, the only time that you might see a pigeon up close is when it is stealing something from you. Over the years, these birds have become brave; some even go as far as stealing food from human hands. Even if these pests are not swooping down onto your picnics, their presence has negative consequences. Firstly, pigeons are loud. Incessant cooing is enough to keep anyone awake at night or distracted during the day. Pigeons also leave germs on just about every surface in their wake, but more than bacteria, these pests leave droppings. Bird droppings on their own are ugly when splashed over your car or property. When the birds in question are pigeons, however, there are bigger issues than just aesthetics.

Why Choose Toodaloo For Your Surrey Pigeon Removal

When you choose Toodaloo for your Surrey pigeon removal, you are not only getting rid prompt service from local experts, but you are getting expert results as well! Outfitting your property with bird prevention methods will keep these sky-rodents away in a humane fashion. A range of options are available to keep these birds at bay. Some options keep pigeons away by preventing them from perching, while others act as sensory deterrents. Whether you want spikes, currents, audio or visual tools, Toodaloo has it all!

Call Toodaloo at the first sign of feathers or coos. A quick and effective Surrey pigeon control can solve your pest problems on any type of property.

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