Surrey Cockroach Removal

The term “roach motel” might be a joke but you don’t want to be the butt of it! Keeping roaches away can seem impossible but nothing is impossible with the help of Toodaloo. When you are ready to ditch these scurrying pests, our Surrey cockroach removal can get you there.

How To Do With Rampaging Roaches

Cockroaches are most active at night. In addition to being quick, these pests are sneaky – so it is no wonder that they are hard to spot! Roaches are dark in colour with flat bodies. These pests are their most active at night, so they can easily slip under the radar for long periods. As soon as you flip that light switch, these bugs go running. Doing something as simple as moving a clock or wall hanging can reveal a world of roaches. Cockroaches can squeeze these flat bodies underneath appliances, into cupboards and any space that you might expect. Although they can pop up anywhere, roaches are most likely to stick around kitchen areas. By staying centralized around kitchens, cockroaches can always secure a meal for themselves. This is great for them, but damaging for you. Food contamination is the biggest risk associated with a cockroach infestation. Sharing a living space with cockroaches can impact allergies, cause complications with asthma, and can lead to intestinal distress or even sepsis. Don’t put your health on the line when a Surrey cockroach removal service can save the day.

Your Surrey Cockroach Removal

Treating your cockroach infestation is not a one day event. A twenty-minute scan and spray is not enough to take down these multi-legged terrors. Because cockroaches breed quickly, you need to focus not only on the roaches that you have now, but the roaches you will have tomorrow as well. The reason that Toodaloo is so effective at pest removal, is because we thrive on our results. Elimination, prevention and education are the cornerstones of any good pest removal service.

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