New Westminster Bed Bug Removal

There are no redeeming quality to bed bugs. Some insects are beneficial while some rodents are cute but bed bugs are just all around bad news! These pests take over your space, cover you in itchy bites and drink your blood. Instead of letting bugs take over your home and turn you into a meal, call Toodaloo for your New Westminster bed bug removal.

Keeping An Eye Out For Pests

When it comes to picking up bed bugs, you might never know where they’ve come from. Bed bugs can come from any public area and have been known to hide out in theatres, retail stores, airplanes and especially hotels. Invasive pests taking over the hospitality industry can make traveling both tricky and treacherous. There is really nothing that you can do to prevent bed bugs from choosing you as their next victim. You can pick up bed bugs from a hotel room, a movie theatre or from just visiting a friend. No matter how you get them, our New Westminster bed bug control can get rid of those pests for you.

New Westminster Bed Bug Removal: The Toodaloo Touch

Bed bugs are running rampant all over Canada, and pest control companies have taken note. Bed bug removal might be a common service but there is nothing common about the way that our Toodaloo technicians work. All over B.C, residents are opting out of chemical treatments for pest removal services. Keeping a safe home environment is important, but you shouldn’t be stuck with bugs either! High heat, steam and vacuums are all used to treat bed bug populations without the use of harsh chemicals. Everyone knows that bed bugs move along the seams of mattresses but they move around from room to room. If an infestation is allows to spread out, bed bugs take over carpeting, furniture, closets and anywhere that they can hide out. Instead of letting bed bugs take over your property, call Toodaloo for a complete New Westminster bed bug removal.

It has never been easier to ditch bed bugs than with a little help from our Toodaloo technicians. Call today to book an appointment for your New Westminster bed bug control.

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